The World Sailing Foundation

     The ideas for the Sailing Foundation, began in 2007 and are now formed as an IRS 501(c) 3 and California public benefit, non-profit foundation:


To make sailing available. Sponsored by those who can, to share with those who can’t.


From this simple mission statement, “making sailing available”, we have unlimited opportunities for sponsors, donors, guests and volunteers to experience, learn and enjoy wonderful, meaningful  real life experiences.


Sailing is constant involvement with nature’s challenges. The sailing journey is often more important than the destination.  On this journey there is a place for everyone to participate 

“Sailing . . . no other sport called by one generic term has more sub categories and variations and that is it’s true fascination. There is something for everyone – everyone who wants to can become a sailor of some sort. There are no limitations of age, sex, size, or physical prowess. Sailing is an opportunity for peace, solitude and complete release from the tensions of modern living” Bill Robinson, Editor of Yachting Magazine 1976     


Some of the opportunities made available by our sailing foundation: :

  • Boat maintenance, servicing, repairs, restoration, painting, engineering.
  • Boat handling skills
  • Sailing skills
  • “learning the ropes”
  • Knots – how to tie them and why
  • Navigation
  • Education in the sciences, engineering and environmental studies
  • Education, training & preparation for ASA qualifications & Captain's License
  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Day sailing
  • Cruising
  • Racing
  • Charter
  • Respect for the environment and the planet earth
  • mutually beneficial associations with other non-profit foundations
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Handicap and disabled accessible
  • Always a place on board for those who would not otherwise have access .
  • Mutual events with other non-profit foundations
  • Learning life skills meeting natures real challenges and cooperating with others
  • And more . . .  


“Both men and ships live in an unstable element, are subject to subtle and powerful influences and want to have their merits understood rather than their faults found out.” Joseph. Conrad The Mirrors of the Sea


Boats need capable crews, crews need sea worthy boats and the boats themselves need constant nurturing to be ship shape available.

Our sailing foundation brings together all of the necessary elements to make the sailing  adventure  available:


  • Purpose.
  • Boat
  • Crew
  • Sustainability


The Sailing Foundation is staffed by a core crew of enthusiastic volunteers who enjoy sharing their life experience, knowledge, appreciation of nature and the sailing experience. Every voyage is a learning experience


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