The Sailing Foundation

Yacht Donation Program 

Your yacht donation immediately eliminates your ownership costs, sales, marketing expense and, considerably reduces your income tax burden with a fair market value tax deduction. 
The World Sailing Foundation, an IRS 501(c)3 approved non profit public benefit charity, will accept responsibility for your vessel as is, where is and, facilitate all aspects of the donation to be sure that your donation receives maximum tax deduction value. 

Yacht donation to the World Sailing Foundation is a win - win for all parties. Your yacht donation will be used by the World Sailing Foundation for a wide range of programs for young people, adults, corporations, other charities, environmental causes: for education, learning boating skills, life skills, leadership, self-confidence, team work, respect for the planet our environment and, more. You can personally benefit and enjoy satisfaction from direct involvement in our programs, sharing your skills, life experiences to the extent that you like while acquiring a very significant IRS 501(c)3 tax deduction. The tax deduction value that is not used in the year of the donation can be carried forward for 5 years beyond the year of donation. 
Both sail and power yachts will have significant intervening use fulfilling the programs of the World Sailing Foundation.
We can also accept partial yacht donation, bargain sale and make arrangements so that you can continue to use your yacht without the usual expense, crew and maintenance. 

Please ask for more information and consult with your tax planner regarding IRS 501(c)3 donation benefits and conditions. We are proud of our accomplishments as an IRS 501(c) public benefit charity. The government encourages your tax deduction.

Our guiding philosophy is "to make sailing and boating available, sponsored by those who can to share with those who can't."

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